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Two-in-one Outdoor table and Braai

Step by step instructions showing how to make your own two-in-one outdoor braai and table using recycled tyres, presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact us via email

recycled table

What you need to make a recycled braai/table:

  • Three old car rims (two with tyres)
  • Welder and welding rods
  • Spirit level
  • Cadac braai plate (optional)

Step 1

Obtain three rims and clean accordingly. If you can, try to get two rims that still have the tyres on.

recycled tyre

Step 2

Put one rim (with tyre) laying flat down on the floor or workspace and place another rim (without tyre) on its' side on top of the flat bottom laying rim.

tyre rims

Step 3

Using your welding machine and protective helmet, weld the two rims together.

Step 4

Once welded, put the third rim on top of the vertical rim, as per picture below.

recycling wheels

Step 5

Place a spirit level on top to ensure that your table and braai will be sturdy, well balanced and level.

spirit level

Step 6

Weld the third rim in place.

weld top rim

Step 7

Find or cut out a round piece of plank, wood or sturdy slab and place on top of your newly created two-in-one table/braai.

recycled table

Step 8

Place items on top of your table or cover with a table cloth.

tyre table

Step 9

Alternatively, if you have a standard Cadac gas braai plate, put that within the rim and you have easily converted your table into a braai. Turn the braai plate around with the smooth side facing up and you have a table!


Step 10

Your table, braai or potjie cooker made from car wheel rims is now complete. When you have finished using it, simply push it over and wheel away!

recycled chair upcycled chair


A size three potjie pot fits like a glove within the top rim.

Visit our Tyre Chair Step by Step to create a garden set with a difference. This will go nicely with your Table two-in-one