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Upcycle gifts

Upcyle and Crafty Corner apologise for the confusion

We have removed this page from the site and consolidated all the upcycle gifts as part of our corporate gift section. If you are only interested in green upcycled gifts then follow this link to were you can browse out complete current range of upcycle gifts and ideas.

Alternatively you can click this link to continue onto the Crafty Corner corporate gift section


Recycled Gifts:

Crafty Corner has perfected the art of making unique recycled gifts both personal ones and large numbers of corporate ones. Many businesses have turned to Crafty Corner to create beautiful and functional recycled gifts (please see the "Commissions" page. There are several reasons why individuals and corporations alike have chosen Crafty Corner - aside from the fact that the creative minds at Crafty Corner have honed the skill of envisioning and then creating enchanting gifts!

It takes a mind shift for most people to view what is traditionally called 'waste,' 'rubbish' and 'trash' as something with value and potential. But with the right open-minded view and of course some creative skills just about everything deemed disposable can be repurposed into something useful and aesthetically pleasing. For example, Crafty Corner has made beautiful key rings from recycled glass beads, funky boxes made from recycled tin and unique book marks made from leftover wire and recycled beads, to name only a few Upcycled projects!

Corporate and individual Upcycled gifts provide an excellent opportunity for the upliftment of the community. Crafty Corner is closely involved with social entrepeneur projects in which impoverished individuals are given the chance and support necessary to earn a living by creating these eco-friendly treasures.

Recycling is an excellent habit to foster, however, Upcycling can be an even better option as the process of recycling does still require some energy. The Upcycled gifts that are created by Crafty Corner are naturally eco-friendly as 'waste' is repurposed and so our landfills are saved from being further inundated! Not only does this eco-friendliness help in the fight for our planet's survival but it also offers positive and topical PR for the businesses that choose to recruit Crafty Corner. Fortunately, being 'Green' has become trendy and a company will undoubtedly enjoy positive publicity from supporting social upliftment endeavours as well as encouraging further awareness about the environment!

Have you got items that you know could be repurposed but you're not sure how to go about it? Feel free to bring any materials that you have to Crafty Corner and will gladly Upcycle your 'junk' into something handy and beautiful! Crafty Corner has tons of experience with crafting gems that are specific to the vision and desires of the client. Whatever the material or product you may have in mind, come have a chat with us and we will gladly breathe life into a formerly 'disposable' piece!

Upcycle was born from our need as creative individuals to create usable and useful items from the things that surround us. The amount of junk we throw away each day provided us with tons of raw materials. It wasn't long before we found that we could manufacture pretty much anything from "junk", from picture frames to gift boxes, from yo-yos to hanging gardens to serving bowls the list is truly endless!

One of our main goals is to teach and empower individuals to generate their own income from the resources they have at hand. We started off by taking individuals from impoverished areas to our home office, and teaching them the skills they need to create useful and usable items from the free and unutilised junk they could find. This doesn't just clean up the environment they live in, but also generates income for them and their families. Click on one of the banners on the left to see some of the gifts that have been created.