Crafty Corner specialises in interactive and creative teambuilding sessions.

Over time we have witnessed the power of collaborative thinking processes that the various team building exercises activate. All the team building activities engage the individual input in a group setting. Crafty Corner utilises the faculties of “Design Thinking” practices that skillfully incorporate the inclusive left and right brain hemisphere thinking processes.

Most of all, the Crafty Corner team building activities are fun and relaxing. They work as a great interlude between team building strategy and information sessions. If preferred, the creative team building activity can be placed at the start of a session to get the juices flowing or at the end to unify the team.

Crafty Corner can accommodate small groups starting from 10 people all the way to larger groups of 100 to 500 people.

The cost price per person for each team building activity includes Crafty Corner facilitators and all materials needed.

We provide aprons and drop cloths to help keep your clothes and venue paint free.


Canvas painting

 Literally starting with a blank canvas, we will have your team creating beautiful works of art in no time!

See more here

Fabric painting

Paint kids’ t-shirts or apron in beautiful, bright colours and then donate these to a children’s home after the event. 


More info on fabric painting here


 The mosaic team building is designed in two ways. Each participant can make their own mosaic to take home or a collective teamwork mosaic for display on the office wall.

More about our mosaic team building here…

Toy Making

 Upcycle toys are handmade toys made from waste and donated to children’s homes or toy libraries in and around South Africa!


There are a number of beaded projects we offer, for men, ladies or a mixed group. Beaded keyrings, bracelets, necklaces and more, the ideas are endless!

Please get in touch with us to discuss your teambuilding ideas and requirements