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Enamel and Ceramic Painting

Enamel Mugs

Looking for short time filler for and hour for your teambuilding day away from the office?

Painting your own enamel mugs is a super fun way to team build staff between the intense workshops of your conference. Crafty Corner supplies high quality enamel mugs on which you paint directly onto the surface. The paint is a tough ceramic paint that bonds to the enamel mug.

Our awesome team of facilitators will aid the creative process.

Enamel mug painting is costed at R180.00 per person.

To order or discuss your requirements please contact us via email



Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plate painting is a two-hour team building workshop.

The ceramic plate painting team building is costed in two ways in relation to the choice of materials used for full process of the workshop:

1. Pre-prepped glazed plate:

This process uses a crafted ceramic paint that is coloured onto a pre-prepped glazed plate.

With this process, individuals will need to personally "bake" their plate at home for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

When the plate is baked after the hand painting with the crafted ceramic paint, the plates can be hand washed but will lighten and the paint will eventually wash off after a period. (Please note that if not "baked", the paint will wash off when washing the plate).

Pre-prepped glazed plate process is costed at R 200.00 / per person.

2. Raw under-glazed plate:

This process uses raw ceramic plates that have been 'under glazed' & will need to be baked after the painting process in a pottery kiln at 1500 degrees Celsius to have a long lasting, permanent finish.

The other important note is that when using the craft paint for this process, the initial colours of the paint appear lighter, if not pastel when painted. After the baking process, the colours that are sealed into the plate will have a much darker tone in comparison to the actual colour painted on. (The colours painted initially are not a true reflection of the colours after baking, they will be much darker).

Raw under-glazed plate process is costed at R 420.00 / per person.

To order or discuss your requirements please contact us via email

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