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Paper Mache

Looking for something completely different?

Crafty Corner presents a funky crafting technique that is a flashback to old-school craft of paper mache.

The paper mache team building is a two-hour workshop.

Wire frames of animals and/or objects are made up by our skilled “wire benders” to make up almost any design you can imagine. The wire frame armature can represent a variety of themes. As the client, you choose the wire framework that will represent the theme you like, and the team experience brings it to life by covering the frame of wire in various paper mache strips.

Depending on the size of the frame, the team is divided into groups that decorate the frame with a paper mache technique. This 3D collaborative team building experience is fun and innovative. The result is an awesome art piece for your office.

Paper mache team building is costed at R 380.00 / per person.

To order or discuss your requirements please contact us via email


Sun City, Lost City

Crafty Corner at the Lost City, the valley of the waves, team building event for Xo events. In this particular one the theme was save the Rhino so all things Rhino were the order of the day. These teams decided to use the pictures in the magazine to represent what they feel is important about the Rhino crises we face.

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