Mosaic Team building

Mosaicing is super fun and relaxing way to loosen up, be creative and spend some quality time with your colleagues.

We can tailor our mosaic team-building experience to fit into two hours, or extend it into a full-day social, a great team bonding experience!

Mosaic team-building event

The mosaic team building is designed in two ways. Each participant can make their mosaic to take home or a collective teamwork mosaic for display on the office wall.

1. Individual make and take mosaic:

Each participant is presented with a blank board and various designs to get the creative juices flowing. Crafty Corner assists in facilitating the concepts of design, how to transfer your chosen design onto the board and guide you to completing the mosaic.

individual mosaic team-building

2. Teamwork mosaic:
We divide the larger group up into teams and then each team gets a pre-drawn part of a design. The chosen design will have gone through a process of pre-production that is discussed and finalised between Crafty Corner and the team building managers of the experience. The design will be conceptualised in line with the theme or overall outcome objective of the team building.
The teamwork mosaic design is part of a larger picture that is puzzled together once all the separate teams are done.

tree of life mosaic

As a full group, they can review the fruits of their work!
The team mosaic can then be installed at the office as motivation to the team of the values activated on the day of the team building.

Mosaic team building is costed at R 380.00 / per person.

To order or discuss your requirements please contact us via email

Take a look at some of the events we have done, and you will see there is something to suit everyone!

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