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Hand bags

Hand bags are possibly one of the most common accessories in the fashion industry providing that extra little bit to any occasion and or outfit. Besides the practical application of having a hand bag in which to place various items crafty corner has also started to source hand bags that offer the environmental conscious person a green solution. Below is a selection of hand bags available through Crafty Corner.

picture of various green billboard banner products

Billboard hand bag

upcycle logo This is a green eco-friendly upcycle, zero waste product

The billboard hand bag is made from the soft polyester billboard banner fabric. They are not only funky, eco friendly, upcycled but also very durable. The images in our gallery are for style indication only as the fabric constantly changes as we get more material from various agencies.

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us via email

fused plastic sling style bag

Upcycle plastic sling bag

Another way to make good strong materials is though fusing plastic bags into a single material. As with this bag made by upcycle where plastic shopping bags are used into single leatherette like material and then lined to make this stylish eco-friendly Ipad sling style bag

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us via email