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Fabric and sewn kitchen items

Unlikely as is seems when you first think of it finding sewn items in a kitchen is a very common item such as pot covers, dish cloths, tea towels, oven gloves, even pot warmers and hot boxes. Crafty Corner has though itís connections established a range of items that you will find useful and innovative as well as been largely eco friendly and conscious of our environment.

Fabric pot or dish cover

Pot covers

Fabric pot or dish covers are a great way to cover a pot or dish where you want to store some left overís or to prevent unwanted visitors from entering when you are having a function. Moving away from plastic and cling film these stylish covers are made from fabric and have elastic to help them stay on as well as been fully machine washable. Move towards zero waste and support upcycle and the community around you and order your covers today. Available in from 30cm and upwards.

Price: R60.00 each Price can change depending on size and design and quantity and packaging requierments

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us via email contact us via email