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In alignment with the ethos of Crafty Corner all the pots and planters supplied by crafty corner are first and for most focused on but not exclusively “green” eco friendly zero waste items. As with everything on our website all items are hand crafted to an exacting level by local communities and manufactures and not imported mass production items.

picture of mixed planter bags

Vinyl planter

Vinyl billboard banner planter bags provide you with a long lasting, strong and green alternative to your planting needs. These planters can be used over and again inside your existing pots allowing you to take the plant out and maintain it without disturbing the plant or the pot. These planters are ideal of office use where plants are rotated regularly and you need a fast durable option to be able to take plants away and bring in new ones. All our plasters can be ordered to include handles to make them even more friendly to use.

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us via email

Double sided hanging planter

Double sided or balcony rail planter

cut protea hurricane tea light cover

Chip packet pots

Chip packets are very versatile items when they are not in the landfill, infact you can just add a little design some sowing and a layer for strength, finally fill them with a little land and you have a stunning chip packet pot plant bag.

SQ Price can change depending on size and design and quantity

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us via email