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Fabric painted T shirts by Corporate team building

With brush in hand and various colours of paint, fabric painting is the perfect way to unwind! The fabric painting team building takes place in a two-hour session.
Crafty Corner can make the fabric painting team building sessions as easy or as complicated as you like. From merely painting in various colours, to advanced brush techniques, mixing paints and colour theory! We have designs to suit everyone!

The process of creating something from scratch is so gratifying and therapeutic.

A popular choice is to paint kids’ t-shirts in beautiful, bright colours and then donate these to a children's home after the event. This has an added benefit; a memorable team building session for you and your staff, and a corporate social responsibility project all in one go! One particular team building that Crafty Corner recently did was for a company called Servier. The choice of the team building was to do fabric paint on T shirts for 100 staff members. The painted T-shirts would be given to children in need after the team building experience. We provided a choice of six different designs to colour in with fabric paint. The designs were lined drawings of rockets, cars, flowers, teddy bears, butterflies, and animals. The fabric paint colours provided were your primary and secondary colours of bright tone. A perfect playground setting to tap into the little child artist.

This group was unique in that we gave them more then one shirts so lets edit this to be about one shirt.. At any team building that requires creative expression, the warmup painting round is always interesting to witness. Each person wants to do their best at the first attempt irrespective of their fears of not being an artist perhaps. The bright colours and template drawing aid in making it possible no matter what you see your artistic talent to be. Knowing that you are making these T shirts for children in need further amplifies the unity of creating something that has a meaning. What is remarkable to watch is how the progression of painting expression and in some cases individual design increases as the team building goes on. After completing one T shirt, the next one is ready to be painted into colour and meaning and you can start seeing personal messages of motivation and encouragement creep into the design.

At the closing of this fabric painted T shirts team building, there were more T shirts painted than initially supplied which gave expression to the unity of hope in giving back that was created between teammates.
The children’s home recipient of the fabric painted T-shirts was Hotel Hope, based in Melville, Johannesburg. Hotel Hope facilitates the care and adoption processes for children. Oliver, founder of Hotel Hope was thrilled at the number of inspired messages and images that were hand painted onto the T-shirts. There were so many painted shirts that Hotel Hope will be sharing the love by distributing the clothing with the homeless in the direct community of Melville as well.

South African inspiration came to life by a team building that was inspired in giving back!

Fabric painting team building is costed at R 220.00 / per person.

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Still frame video of event: SQ

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