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Remaking a Candle

Step by step instructions showing how to make new candles using all your old wax, presented by: Crafty Corner

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This is a great craft project - ensuring you have something useful once the project is completed! Candle making is fairly straightforward, and there's no reason to throw away good wax, so follow our easy step by step instructions on recycling wax and let's begin...

What you need to make a recycled candle:

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft. It would be a good idea to read through all the information on our Candle Crafts Page, as well as our step-by-step on Two Piece Molded Candles, if this is the first time you are making a candle.

Step 1

Take all the bits of wax you have collected and sort into colors. Try to keep your light and dark colors separate so that you are able to mix and change the overall color with less dye (pigment). Clean off any excessive wick and debris that may have been trapped in the candle.

used bits of wax

Step 2

Place all the bits in your melting pot along with about 10 – 20% sterine or H1 wax. This you now heat to about 100 deg. c.

in melting pot

Step 3

While your wax is melting you can prepare your mold so long. Tie one end of the wick to a skewer and thread it through the hole in the bottom of the mold. Pulling the wick, firmly seal off the end of the mold with a little bit of masking tape. Turn the mold over and centre the wick so that it is now ready for your wax.

sealing mold one piece mold

Step 4

Once the wax has reached 95 – 100 deg c you can add your pigment until you reach the colour of your choice, remember this will change depending on the overall colour of all the bits melted together; if you need help mixing colours, please download and print our Colour Wheel. You can also add any fragrances you want to the wax.


Step 5

Normally you would wait for the wax to cool to between 82 – 90 deg C before pouring, this time you will pour the wax a little hotter as you have to first pour it through a sieve to remove any debris and old wick from the old wax. Pour your wax at about 90 – 95 deg c through a fine sieve, a tea strainer works best.

sieving wax

Step 6

Allow your candle to cool over several hours.