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Canvas painting

The canvas painting team building is a popular experience with many clients. It takes two hours to complete a collective or individual artwork.

With Crafty Corner’s facilitated approach to painting, time and time again, we are delighted at how this experience brings out the creative in each participant.

Painting truly connects you to your inner child and this is one of the most relaxing and revitalising team building experiences you will ever have!

Literally starting with a blank canvas, we will have your team creating beautiful works of art in no time!

Crafty Corner facilitates two types of canvas painting experiences:

1. Picasso canvas painting:

This is a great way for your team to come together for a wonderful team bonding experience they will remember.

Also known as “The Big Picture”. Crafty Corner will create a design according to your brief that encapsulates your vision and mission of the team building. We will work out a design with you that best suits the purpose of the team building beforehand. Our skilled facilitators will enable your team to eliminate any resistance to this creative experience all the way to the confidence and exhilaration of a completed artwork.

On the day of the team building, we will assist your team to transfer the design on the canvas. Once the design has been drawn, we will guide the colour matching and design processes.

You will witness your team connecting with each other on a deeper, more meaningful level and before you know it, you will have a masterpiece for your office wall!

Picasso canvas painting team building is costed at R 220.00 / per person.

art canvas teambuilding planning artwork painting teambuilding finishing touches puzzle together done

Detailed step by step of "The Big Picture"


2. Individual make and take painting:

Unleash the artist in you and let us help inspire and guide you to create that work of art you always wanted to do! It is a known fact that personal accomplishment will transfer into all aspects of your life.

This experience is run with individuals of the team having their own canvas and being free to choose how they express themselves on it.

Crafty Corner will facilitate the creative process, colour matching and individual artistic flair.

Individual make and take painting team building is costed at R 220.00 / per person.

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Still frame video of event of one of our events:

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