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The big picture creative art challenge!

Canvas painting teambuilding

The left brain analyzes the details and the right brain synthesizes the big picture.


We cannot talk of the left and right brain in isolation, two half brains, designed to work together as a smooth, single, integrated whole in one entire, complete brain. The left side knows how to handle logic and the right brain knows about the world. Put the two together and one gets a powerful thinking machine. Use either on its own and the results can be bizarre or absurd.~~~ McManus

In a left brain driven world we are exercising our left side all the time and leaving the right to fend for itself. To operate on an optimal level we need to keep training both sides of our brain and finding creative ways to draw out our right brain thinking.

The big picture is a fun and creative way of getting your team out of the left brain and into the right! With our facilitated approach to painting we draw out their creativity and have your team connecting with each other on a deeper more meaning full level. The change over from their usual comfort zone to a space of interdependence and alternative thinking happens while they having fun and interacting with eachother.

The bigger picture starts with one whole picture, gets divided into section and then reconnected together at the end! Your team will be amazed at the results and fruits of their labour.

The finished product can be installed on a wall in your office to remind people of their creative abilities and relationships build during the time they spent painting!


R180.00 per person (based on a minimum of 10 people)
Venue hire: Can be arranged on request
Still frame video of event, on request: R500

Lets take a look in detail at a big picture teambuiling for more inspiration

Crafty Corner are presented with your idea or theme for the event and we design a image that will work perfectly for you and your team to paint.

Let us take you though an event

In this big picture art challenge we were presented with 6 values that the company wanted to represent in their design. Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Passion, Commitment, Excellence.

We then created an image:
big picture art challenge design big picture art challenge design

You can opt to have the words incorporated into the artwork or left out.

Duplication of picture

We divide the picture up into smaller portions and we divide the group up into smaller groups. Each section of the painting gets a group assigned to it and each group gets a large canvas for the group to pencil their bit onto! Our professional facilitators and artists are there to guild you and help you every step of the way! It is amazing how easy doing this bit really is by just following a few basic rules.

section of the big picture drawing the design on canvas

Matching up designs

After everyone has transferred their picture onto the canvas we have to get together as the entire group and double check that all our pictures flow into each other and match up perfectly. At this stage we can make basic changes and make sure the finished product will be amazing!

joining up our designsmatching up our design

Start painting

Everyone joins up with their group and can now start painting their part of the big picture! The best part of the art challenge is you get to mix colours and explore your creativity!

getting started with our art challenge painting the sun

There is a lot of talking painting and mixing colours going on! The starfish is talking shape and we even getting our nails done!

painting a starfish some nail art

After a while the picture really start taking shape and so far this is with no hands on involvement from the Crafty Corner team. We only give advice and support! The creativity just flows when you get started!

accountability painting the heart of passion painting of respect painting of integrity

Colour match

This is the moment we have been waiting for, not only do the teams need to communicate on the first level where they needed to match up the pencil drawing but it is just as important all the way through to talk to the team next to you and make sure you colour match your designs and have not gone off the mark!

colour matching the big picture matching up the big picture

Proud teams with their paintings

painting of commitmentpainting for accountability

Art challenge results

And for the grand finale we need to put all the pictures together and admire our big picture! The big picture can be installed at the office for inspiration and serve as a reminder that you can be a great team! the big picture

Drop us a line and let's discuss your needs.

Cost: R180.00 per person (based on a minumum of 10 people)
Venue hire: Can be arranged on request
Still frame video of event: SQ

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