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Commission orders welcome

designing a apron for a commession order To deiscuss your requirements please contact Winnie via e-mail on

Sewing classes

Hi there
Thank you for your interest in our sewing classes


upcycled goddie bag made from scrap fabric

We will be starting from the very beginning and covering everything from threading your machine to reading a pattern.

Even though we are working in a group we will see to it that you are given individual attention and time to do your work at your own speed.

Each person will be working on their own project and at different levels so there is no pressure and you get to do all the fun things you wanted to try.

The first session will be mostly an exploratory meeting and getting to know where you are at, showing you the basics and checking your level of knowledge and expertise.

The classes are on-going and you can keep coming till you feel you are ready to venture off on your own. A lot of people tend to use our studio as an on-going space to create from as home is often too disruptive.

We have lockers that you can hire for 100 per month if you wish, so you donít have to cart your machine to and fro.


There will be a few extras that you will have to purchase as time goes by but please donít rush out and get anything before coming to a class or two and first getting some advice.

We have a lot of offcut fabrics and notions and a selection of threads. These are included in the cost of the class and can be used for projects made during the class.

You will need to purchase your own scissors as they are a very personal and as they can blunt easily, it is best not to borrow from anyone.

You can purchase your own rotary cutters and mats but I would recommend that you only do so after attending a few classes and learning more about the options. Patterns and fabrics will need to be purchased only once you are on your way to fame and fortune and would like to have a very particular item made or done in your own selection of fabrics.

Dates: Monday to Saturday morning and evening classes available

There are three time slots of 2 hours session to choose from. Please see booking form as it has a time table attached. Please select all dates you are available so we can fill up dates to suit both of us.

We will confirm with you and double check that you happy but we need to get an indication to work from.


picture of goddie bag been turned inside out R150 if you pay when you arrive. Once a week.
R125 if you pay monthly upfront R500 for 4 sessions

I have a lot of fabrics. You welcome to choose from what I have for the beginning classes and for practice. You welcome to take enough fabrics for what you use in the class.

Payment options

Eft: Upcycle creative Pty(Ltd), FNB, Northcliff, 62623937200
Snapscan for credit card payment


Just pop me an email and we can chat about dates and time that suite you.winnie at or call Winnie 082†780 3673


rustenburg rd
victory park/ linden


We have lots of inside parking. sewing class in progress

What will we make?

We will start with the basics and show you how to make a range of things like bags, skirts, cushions and pants. From there you can let us know what you would like to make and everyone can do their own products and items. We have a lot of options to choose from if you just want to keep playing but you will also be given the option of buying your own pattern and letting us guide you through the process. We will venture into pattern making at a later stage.

For more information and booking contact Winnie via email winnie at

Upcycle Creative

Week 1 Project

Drawstring bag

picture of completed drawstong bag

Week 2

Goddie bag

picture of a goodie bag

Week 3

Cotton reel bag

picture of cotton reel bag closed picture of cotton reel bag holder open