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Sewn items made to order

Crafty Corner specialize in custom orders and can help you with your sewing projects!

Our team of ladies and gents that are well skilled in the art of sewing can help you with your custom sewing requierments. We have helped many customers over the years with a variety of really awesome products and are able to help you make your dream a reality.

Sewing work we have done

Sustainability meets minimalism – Mpho and Zazu invite you to a day of fashion and green living!

Our very own Mpho Motsi from Upcylce is joining forces with the talented Zazu to showcase a limited number of their fashion design items in a pop- up store environment at Upcycle’s premises on Saturday 6th July.

sustainability meets mimamalism event launch

More on this event here


Our products have been carefully conceptualised and crafted to be as environmentally friendly as possible, from start to finish. We use sustainable material as far as we can and produce as much with our South African brothers and sisters as possible.

Restraw glass straws are manufactured and branded locally, each one being hand crafted with the utmost care. We have partnered with an incredible company called Upcycle ( to make our beautiful hemp sleeves. They teach and empower people in various communities to make a living from the resources they have at hand. We use 100% hemp fabric for the sleeves as it is incredibly sustainable, cruelty free, antibacterial and antifungal. Our packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable material. We have requested that our suppliers stay away from using plastic for any of our products and rather use paper if necessary.

restraw pouch custom made by crafty corner

More on our restraw project here

Recycled fabric initiative

Upcycle your waste fabric and make a difference

Over the last 5 years Upcycle have worked very closly with communities and corporates to take waste fabric that is destned fo landfill and turn it into a product that can make a living for one of our community members. Some of our recycle fabric projects can be found by following the link below:

recycled fabric teddies

More on our recycle project here

For more information and booking contact Winnie via email winnie at

Upcycle Creative

Projects made in class

Drawstring bag

picture of completed drawstong bag

Goddie bag

picture of a goodie bag

Cotton reel bag

picture of cotton reel bag closed picture of cotton reel bag holder open

Wrap Pants

Pot holders

fabric pot stangs