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Recycling for kids


Step-by-step recycling instructions and projects for kids

Upcycled Egg Box Flowers
upcycled egg box flowers

Upcycle your old egg boxes and egg trays and create a beautiful arrangement of flowers that will never droop!

Paper Mache Heart
paper mache heart

Papier mache is terrific for all ages, young kids love getting their hands involved, perfect for sensory development! And a great lesson on recycling egg boxes!

Milk Bottle Earrings
recycled milk bottle earrings

Creating simple and beautiful earrings has never been simpler, follow our easy step by step instructions and create your own upcycled jewellery!

Matchbox Drawers
recycled matchbox drawers

This craft project using matchboxes and recycled foil to create a beautiful set of drawers with an embossed foil finish. Something to keep the little fingers and minds busy with during the holidays.

Toilet Roll Flowers
recycled toilet roll flowers

This is a fantastic way to upcycle all your old toilet rolls and have some creative fun with the kids - create beautiful flowers to stick on your bathroom wall!

Recycled Stationery Holder
pencil hairclip

Recycle your old toilet rolls to make this beautiful and very useful stationery holder for your desk.

Vinyl record Christmas Decorations
pencil hairclip

This is a fun, messy (glitter glitter everywhere) and quick craft. The end result is amazing decorations for your home or office!

Pencil Hair clips
pencil hairclip

A short, but fun craft so the girls can brighten up their hair with a pencil decorated hairclip, the added bonus is that this is another way to Upcycle old, used goods.

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